play safe! be safe!® Serves as an Important Fire Safety Education Resource to Teachers in Salt Lake City

As reported in the Sugarhouse City Journal, Molly Clifford and the play safe! be safe! team recently hosted a workshop in Utah for teachers in the Salt Lake City School District. The goal of the workshop was to provide educators with techniques to teach fire safety to young children.

While fire safety is always relevant, the need for it is heightened during the winter due to the increased use of fireplaces, candles, heaters, and ovens. Clifford explained that kids are curious and don’t understand the impact fire can have so it’s important to teach them early how to be safe. She encouraged the educators to go on to learn about four important fire safety lessons: go to the firefighter, stop drop and roll, crawl under the smoke, and fire prevention (i.e. staying away from matches and lighters).

The teachers that attended the seminar liked how the lessons in the play safe! be safe! kit support the classroom environment and how the lessons can also be taught in the home.