Is It Time to Spring Clean Your Smoke Alarm?

Whether for traditional “spring cleaning,” or simplify-your-life decluttering, many of us are feeling inspired right now to tidy up and throw away objects that we no longer need. During our spring cleaning, we may not think of checking our smoke alarms, but we should as they protect us night and day by warning us of fire – but only if they’re working.

The National Fire Protection Association recommends replacing all types of smoke alarms every 10 years. How do you know how old your smoke alarm is? Find out how to check by watching this NFPA video.

The U. S. Fire Administration also recommends dusting or vacuuming your smoke alarms when you change the batteries, or at least twice a year. Regular cleaning can help prevent false alarms, since dust or dirt that covers the sensor can set off the alarm when there is no fire. You should also never paint over a smoke alarm.

It’s also important to remember that not every smoke alarm will last 10 years. Test your alarm regularly, including hard-wired alarms.