Family Fire Safety Tips From Dr. Cole

NBC’s most watched new show has everyone buzzing about fire safety. Whether you watch the show or not, there are some important fire safety lessons to learn to keep you and your family safe. Check out the infographic below for tips from fire safety expert, Dr. Robert Cole.

Stay Safe Check List:

  • Install smoke alarms in every level of your home and outside of sleeping areas.
  • Test smoke alarms every month. Set reminders in your phone of write in on the calendar to remind yourself.
  • Vacuum smoke alarms periodically to ensure dust hasn’t collected.
  • Replace smoke alarms every 10 years. Write the date on the alarm so you don’t forget.
  • Create an escape plan with your entire family and practice it often.
  • Find two ways out of every room – you never know when an exit will be blocked during a fire.
  • Go over your escape plan with everyone in your home, including overnight guest and babysitters.
  • Practice your escape plan in daylight and in the dark to prepare for all situations.
  • Take into account all members of the family, especially those that may have difficulties escaping, including children, the elderly, and people with disabilities.
  • Once you escape, do not re-enter the home for any reason.