Explore Hero’s World! Have fun learning about fire safety, firefighters, things to look out and listen for, and find fun games to play! Interact with Hero’s World by using your finger to touch the buildings and people or use your mouse to rollover them.
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Safe for Play! Keep Away! Game
Safe for Play! Keep Away! Game
Matches and lighters are dangerous because they can make fire. They can also hurt your friends or your brothers and sisters. If you see a friend or another child touch matches or a lighter, tell them to put them down right away. Then go tell an adult what you saw.
Matches and lighters are grown-up tools. They can hurt you because they make fire and fire burns. You should never touch matches or lighters. If you see them, tell an adult to put them in a safe place.
There are many things around the house that make fire and get hot. To make sure that you don’t get hurt, remember to keep away from grills, fireplaces and stoves.
Hi! My name is Hero and welcome to my World! I’m here to teach you all about fire safety. Explore my world by clicking on the images to learn more!
Firetrucks have to get to a fire very quickly. That’s why they have loud sirens and bright flashing lights. The lights and sirens warn other cars and people to get out of the way so they can get to the fire and help people.
Dress the Firefighter Game
Dress the Firefighter Game
That’s what a smoke detector sounds like. A smoke detector tells us if there is smoke or a fire. It beeps very loudly to tell us to get out of the house right away. Smoke detectors help us stay safe so every house should have smoke detectors.
Safe at Home! Game
Safe at Home Game
Firefighters are our friends. They help people get out of buildings that are on fire. Firefighters have special clothes and equipment to do their job. If a firefighter calls to you during a fire, go to the firefighter.
Keep Away! Memory Card Game
Keep Away Game

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