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Welcome to the play safe! be safe! Fire Safety Education Patch program!

For Daisy and Brownie Troops
Our goal for this program is to teach Girl Scouts about fire prevention and emergency preparedness. Research shows that, contrary to popular opinion, most children are very curious and play with fire at some point, have surprisingly easy access to matches and lighters, and have limited understanding of the power of one match, what burns, and how rapidly fire spreads.

BIC and the Girl Scouts of Connecticut partnered to develop this Program to teach scouts four important lessons:

  • my friend the firefighter
  • stop! drop! and roll!
  • get low and go
  • safe for play! keep away!

In order to receive the patch the girls will complete 6 out of 11 interactive activities in the Leader Guide that relate to these lessons.

Download the Leader Guide here.

Completed the Program?
Click HERE to get patches. Please include the number of patches needed for your troop and mailing address.

We’d love to hear your feedback on the program.
Download the survey here and email it to:

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